Monday, June 4, 2012

Sandy the beach quilt hits the shore

What to do when your summer skirts make you look like a beached walrus? Go on a diet? Start exercising? Bah! Those tactics are for amateurs! I say you take those evil skirts, hack them up into squares and make a rag quilt out of them. For money. That'll show 'em.

This happy seaside-themed quilt started with a sewing project gone wrong from my local Goodwill store. It appears someone bought this beach themed fabric and had an idea to make a really giant pillow of some sort and some window shades. For whatever reason (probably not enough pillow stuffing existed on the planet) it ended up at my local store.

I loved the colors of yellow, blue, green and white with a touch of dark peach. It sat around in my fabric stash for quite a while, waiting while I figured out what to do with it. Finally, this week I cut up the above mentioned skirts, a large denim jacket from a friend's garage sale, some scraps of dark peach from another project, and a tablecloth with a strong early 90's look. I had myself 49 squares of material just waiting to become a couch surfer's cover-up.

On Etsy it's officially called Sandy - a kind of Beachy, sort of Peachy, almost Shabby Chic-y Rag Quilt. I call it a fitting end to skirts that dared to not flatter my figure. My other skirts are shaking on their hangers.