Thursday, June 28, 2012

Our diet is really in the pits right now

Stone fruits. Cannot...get...enough... stone fruits.

Cherries, apricots and plums, people are practically throwing them at us. I picked up some cherries and pluots at the Kaiser Farmers Market, then some more at Sunflower Market and then bought more fruit from a Romanian vendor, from the back of his truck, on the street. Probably so illegal but oh well, it was stone fruit and I'm addicted. At least it was not from a dark alley, although I just might at his prices. He was flattering me silly about my language skills as he piled more and more yellow cherries and apricots in my bags. Nu sunt proasta (I'm no dummy) and I knew what he was up to, but I just let him fill up the bags higher and higher. I can quit summer fruit anytime I want to, really, I just don't want to.

I got home and washed and ate and washed and ate loads of fruit. I prepped a bunch of apricots into our newly purchased slightly damaged really great deal Excalibur Dehydrator. They are made right here in River City, so the cheap price of the imperfect model plus no shipping costs made for a great deal. We are in dried fruit and kale/flaxmeal chip heaven, if you consider heaven a place where kale/flaxmeal chips are made.

Then a friend called - would we be interested in a large bag of plums and apricots from someone's tree? Bring 'em down, we'll make them feel welcome. So along with the apricots drying their little hearts out and the vast amount already down my chute, I now have an apricot and plum low fat vegan cobbler baking into oozy goodness. The recipe?

Cut up stone fruit.
Throw away the pits.
Put in baking pan.
Check again for pits.
Sprinkle with sugar if the plums are puckering up your face.
Cover with oatmeal.
Eat and enjoy while watching for pits.

Now what to do with the rest? They will have to wait. Right now I need to figure out what in heaven's name is making my stomach cramp.

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