Monday, June 18, 2012

I married a sound guy

Sac Convention Center all spiffy and ready for the crowds

We have been volunteering at convention set-ups for a long time now. For many years we attended the lovely Cow Palace, but now we meet at the Sacramento Convention Center. The inside joke in the Sound Department has always been, if you don't get your work done, we hear they need help in the Cleaning Department. I think that joke has been around since the Sound Department's job was hanging some loud speakers on poles and calling it done. My how things have changed.

Now that we have gone all techy with digital this and electronic that, the work to set up one of our conventions is getting quite involved. Four big video screens, simultaneous Romanian translation and in a few weeks a separate room entirely for the Hmong language with video tie-in; it makes the good ol' days of the Cow Palace positively quaint.

Ernst was up until midnight each night before the convention, there at the crack of dawn early each morning, and one of the last to leave each night. And for our week, it was set it all up on Thursday and tear it down again on Sunday. Once again, I forgot to pack some grubby clothes, so I was there in my skirt, trying to stay ever so ladylike, peeling up gaffer tape from the speaker and video wires across the floors.

We decided if brown is the new black and 50 is the new 40, then Sound is the new Cleaning Department.

Are there any openings?
Orange is the new yellow in hard hats.