Saturday, October 1, 2011

O is for October, O is for Organize

is for Organize

At what point did it all come crashing down? Was there an exact day, or was it a series of events that I failed to recognize? Maybe after The Big E's stroke and heart attack, it became less important? Just give me a date so I can know.

When I married Ernst at almost 29 years old, all my worldly possessions fit into the back of a pickup truck. My roommate before that was my sister, and she made more money so she just bought what we needed for our apartment. My kitchen stuff before my bridal showers consisted of a set of 4 dishes, a frying pan and a wooden spoon. My clothes fit in a tiny utility closet that was so shallow I had to use children's hangers. Life was so simple.

Then came the showers, which were so fun. I loved the kitchen gifts. Bowls! Pans! Baking supplies! Stuff! I was finally an adult. I set up my/our new apartment with such care, nice and neat, nice and organized. Then came Ernst. And his stuff. And more stuff. But wait, there was more. After months and months, I worked hard through mono and new marriage to incorporate our two styles: Feng Shui meets Dumpster Dive Depot. It seemed to hold together through six different places and three towns. Our life was more complicated, but still under control.

After wasting another half hour of my life last night looking for something that could not be located, I had a thought. Why own it if you can't find it? Why have it if you don't know where it is? My family went through a one room everything burned up fire when I was younger, so I know the heartache that losing things all at once can cause. But what about those disasters when you have about 20 minutes to get out all the sentimental stuff and legal papers, and then all the other is just gone? Could a garage tornado be arranged? An office tsunami? A closet flood?

October will be for Organizing, that is the plan. If I take one little thing a day: a drawer one night, one shelf the next day; not looking at the house as a whole, but in 31 segments, after the month is over I could make a decent dent. Touch it once, that is the goal. Find a home for it or shred it or donate it or toss it. Where are my cute little letter stamps? Why here they are, right where they belong! Where are those adorable little stickers to add to little kid cards? Well, by George here they are where they belong! Molly's Skunk Be Gone, heart worm meds and flea/tick stuff?  Wow, how cool, they aren't in the kitchen with our food, but with all the other dog stuff. WHERE IS IT? IT IS RIGHT HERE. What a concept! O is for October. O is for Organize. O is for chOcOlate?