Thursday, June 16, 2011

Aren't You Afraid You're Not Getting Enough Protein?

 "Are you getting enough PROTEIN??"
That is the typical response when people learn we are vegans. 

Here are the other responses:

1. I could never be a vegan.
2. I could easily be a vegan.
3. Not even milk?
4. But you do eat eggs, right?
5. Are you getting enough calcium?

My response is usually some mumbled comeback that implies this really is only a diet for people who have had serious health problems, that yes it is really hard, that no I am not concerned that they are eating a hunk of steak.

It's not that a list of snarky comebacks would make me feel better. But there really has to be a nice middle ground here, so I think I will try the following for the questions above.

1. You're probably right.
2. You're probably right.
3. I am actually weaned now.
4. They are not all they're cracked up to be.
5. Have you ever seen an elephant with bone density problems?

And for the most popular, Aren't you afraid you're not getting enough protein? I think the simple answer is, Aren't you afraid you're getting too much? OK, way too snarky. How about Protein Shmotein, let's talk fiber!