Sunday, June 5, 2011

FM 104.7 Radio Romanian

We just had our District Convention this weekend. Ernst and the Romanians are still at it, partying and dancing, but I am beat and got in my PJs as soon as I got home. The extrovert in me is just dying to be missing the party. We have friends from Portland, Seattle, Anaheim and Arizona, they are doing gypsy Romani dancing and I am missing out on Moldovan food. Molly got attacked by a skunk again and our house stinks, so it is a double bummer to be at home missing the fun.

Many of us wore Romanian, Moldovan or Romani costumes today. It is a hoot for me to finally have a "culture" even if it is adopted. People would come up to introduce themselves today, and I would say, "Sorry, I'm American, but I can introduce you to some Romanians!"
Here are some photos of the weekend.


It was so very exciting for us, we got all the new releases in Romanian too! What an unexpected treat.  Now, if you don't want to see one of the new releases, just stop reading right here. If you want a peek, scroll down.

OK, so you really want to see? Last warning.

The New YPA Book!

This is our son, the one who grew in my heart!