Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Junuary? Global Weirding?

It rained today again, sort of a lot at our house. It thundered so loud I thought it was a gun shot. It is chilly, split pea soup making, put on socks and jeans, switch the sprinklers to rain delay, put off washing the car, apologize again to the tomato plants, stay home and clean the house... OK let's not get too crazy.

But soon we'll be back to reality. It's supposed to be triple digits by Sunday. Then it will be time to make a salad, put on shorts and sandals, get the sprinklers back on schedule, wash the car, tell the tomatoes this is the real summer, stay home and clean the house...OK let's not get too crazy.

Summer will return soon to its regularly scheduled programming. Do not adjust your lives too dramatically.