Friday, June 24, 2011

How to Nail a Job Interview

10 Things to Do Right on a Job Interview

1. Appear calm and organized. That means have everything from your car to your shoes looking spiffy, polished and clean. A clean purse/bag is the sign of an organized person.

2. No distractions. Turn your cell phone to meeting mode, or better yet, leave it in the car. Nothing says "You are not important" like an interrupted conversation.

3. Be honest. If you lie, exaggerate or embellish, it will come out later.

4. Dress well. Choose an outfit a little nicer than you think the position requires for everyday, but don't look like you just went out and bought it for the occasion. Dress for the job you want.

5. Smile. Check that smile right before the interview. And use some mouthwash for confidence.

6. Be on time. A little early is even better. There are no excuses on this one, except 2 blown tires. But really, how often does that happen?

7. Eye contact. Look them in the eye, don't fidget and sit straight and still. Use confident but not arrogant body language.

8. Be positive. Don't complain about past jobs. Don't complain about the weather, the traffic, the job market or about job hunting. After all, this is the last interview, be positive!

9. Speak well. No swearing, no mumbling, no euphemisms, keep your talking to a minimum and let the other person speak.

10. Stay clean. If you meet for an interview with a prospective employer at a public place, for instance Peet's Coffee and Tea, order the tea. The weakest tea they serve. Do not order the half-caf soy latte. Do not, and I repeat, do not squeeze the cup so hard that the lid comes loose and you spill soy latte down your front, on your skirt and down your legs.

Nine out of ten isn't so bad, don't you think?