Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ten Days at McD's

That is McDougall's not McDonald's.

Ernst just finished 10 days in Santa Rosa at the McDougall Program. He loved it, got off a dangerous BP medicine, cut 30 points off his cholesterol and dropped an pound. (The food was really yummy.)

It is based in an old hotel near the wine country. There is this hilarious revolving flamingo out front, and the first impression is, hmmm, this is interesting. But the kitsch ends there and it is a normal hotel once you get past the neon pink bird. It has a killer pool. I came here on Friday with some Moldovan girls and we swam and hung out at the pool. It was a nice change of pace after a crazy busy week.
It twirls!

Then, I joined him here at the hotel for the last night. Now that we don't go to SF for our conventions, we never stay in hotels anymore. (The one in China with frozen pipes and no working toilet doesn't count.) It was work to get out of town, especially since I was holding down the fort plus all the Ernst tasks. But we are here, there is a huge pool, I am throwing my towels on the floor and sleeping in. Hotels were invented for tired women.
Moldovan Girls Gone Mild

The Flamingo is everywhere