Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Buddy Quilt

 The Buddy quilt is finally finished, I decided to wait until my new machine arrived to finish it, more on that in another post, but I'll just say I'm in sewing machine bliss. This quilt will be donated to a raffle for the Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue Reunion Picnic. We can't attend (Molly is too ill mannered to go anyway), but we wanted to do something to support it.

The black and white fabric from Carmen is a nod to all the skunks that Molly gets sprayed with. The ducks are for the poor things Kodie used to chase in the ponds where we once lived. The doggie and country store fabric was given to me by Kathy. The red that just pops so nicely was also from Carmen. Thanks for the donated fabric you two, it all went together nicely.

The Buddy Quilt  is named after Kodie the Wonder Dog, The Boy, The Kodie Meister, Bunny Boy, Bunser Boy, Ko Shmo, Shmokie Ko, Kokie Schmokie, or as Ernst simply called him, Buddy. It's no wonder dogs never come when we call them, they don't know their own name.

Bunny Boy