Thursday, June 23, 2011

Escape to the Coast

Heatwaves cannot be planned, but we sure timed this one well. That is, the being-out-of-town-while-it-hits kind of timing. This was the first biggie heat for the Sacramento Valley this summer, amazingly enough. Missing it completely? Priceless!

It was Martin and Anna's Twenty-fifth Anniversary. Ernst was full of great recipe ideas after his 10 days at the health clinic. I packed some pretty things to decorate the table, and we made them a feast fit for...kings who don't eat meat...or oil...or dairy, or the normal things we associate with kings and feasts. They lived.

The Menu

corn chowder
multi-grain bread
red bell peppers and squash from our garden
roasted red potatoes
marinara sauce, store bought and kicked up a notch by Jessica
no cheese parmesan
chocolate pudding with blackberry sauce

they golfed, Ernst got an eagle!