Friday, December 30, 2011

Open! Open! Open!


A Fresh and Easy Neighborhood Market is coming soon, to a neighborhood near me. Right near our Post Office. Right near the two thrift stores where I get quilt fabric. So convenient. So fresh. So easy.

I'm not a loyal shopper, I bounce around according to our budget and my mood. I stay away from the big stores, they are just way too big and full of food we don't eat. My dream store is Whole Foods, but the prices can be a nightmare. My nightmare store is Walmart, a store we absolutely do not shop in except for one item - the potty tablets to drop down the toilet in our trailer.

What I'm hoping for with Fresh and Easy is this:

Wonderful products and prices like at Trader Joe's, but with more vegan fare.
Bulk food prices and selection like at WinCo but without the miles of orange soda, Cheetos and screaming neglected children.
Healthy food and inviting decor like at Whole Foods, but with Trader Joe's prices.
The whole package gorgeousness of Nugget Market in Davis.
Friendly people and a down-home feel like Fonzi's International Market on Fulton and Alta Arden.

Wow, am I a picky shopper or what? As soon as those doors open at Fresh and Easy, I'll be there checking it out. So far, there is a construction fence around the property, but the sign is up and it is looking spiffy. Open, open, open.