Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Goodwill Hunting

The cool name in fabrics right now is Amy Butler. If someone makes a hip and pretty quilt and lists it on Etsy, it most likely has Amy Butler fabric in it. And that name will be in the first sentence of the description and in the title too. She is hot. If you do a search for Amy Butler on Etsy, there are 14,630 items that come up.
Amy Butler Fabric

I thought about talented Amy today as I reached like an orangutan over some ill-placed rolling carts at my local Goodwill. They line them up right in front of the fabric, making my cotton searches unpleasant. (I typed in Goodwill on Etsy and it showed 59 items, but most included the phrase Peace and Goodwill.) Adding to the shoulder injuring gyrations, today there was a crazy lady in a scooter who wanted to talk. I am great at talking with strangers, but not so good at talking to over the top lost their mind and it ain't ever coming back strangers. She kept saying "Thank God I have my health, I don't have no HIV, Thank God". Yes ma'am I am so happy for you, but I am looking at FABRIC here, please don't run over my toes.

There in one of the bins, she sees a baby doll that she must have. I fish it out for her, and we agree it is a nice healthy looking baby, not like those skinny baby dolls they are making these days. Thank God for healthy baby dolls without HIV, that is what I always say. She hugs the doll, starts talking to it and not me (thank you so much little fat baby) and I get to continue reaching over the rolling bins looking for 100% cotton fabric.

I found some cute stuff: some gorgeous white and red toile, some cute bunny fabric for the upcoming so named quilt, a few yards of yellow and blue beach-themed cotton, and a piece that has wheat on it for the chicken quilt. Corn would have been better, but this is the Goodwill, no gluten-free materials are available. I walked up to pay, and of course the gluten fabric had no price. They had to call the manager, which got the toothless lady behind me who was already in a bad mood in an even worse one. (I should have handed her a chubby doll with a clean bill of health.) Amy Butler, I would like to see you beat that shopping experience!