Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Victoria, a Sheep Quilt for Ewe

These little themed quilts are so fun to make. The puns just keep coming to me while I'm sewing them, which makes the time seem to go by a little faster.
The checks and stripes behaved themselves and this went together really easily. I just love the colors; the coral paisley really pops and the sheep squares are just too cute. 
I have some more themed fabrics to do: a bunny, a teddy bear and a ginger bread man. But these sheep are by far the cutest. I used up some of my prettiest fabric on this one. Some of this stuff has been hanging around for a while. I pulled it out over and over and it never seemed to match anything I was making. If I hang on to something long enough, eventually I make the quilt that it was waiting to shine in.

These last pictures were taken on our neighbor's porch. They have such cute and fresh lawn furniture that make my quilts look better. Maybe I'll have to rustle up some better pieces for our yard. Maybe I need to stop thinking up sheep puns.