Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Definition of fender bender

When do you call it a fender bender? When you are the one doing the bending of the fender! That's what we'll call what I did today. Not an accident, that's when the other guy's at fault. Just kind of backed up into someone, we hardly even exchanged paint colors, being that our cars are the same color! I knew I should have listened to Ernst and just stayed home and nursed my cold!

his car

my trailer hitch

Now if we want to talk accidents, perhaps you never saw the doozy Ernst got into back in October. Some have called it Car Jousting, and Ernst lost. It was dark, someone left the school gate half open, and he drove into the gate, still swinging towards him in the car! It hit his arm, then grazed the back of his head and went out the other window. He fortunately leaned into the steering wheel. If he hadn't? I still cringe thinking about it. Ernst just never does anything halfway.