Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Trying to eat raw when life is rough

So maybe deciding to eat raw the week of the State Bar was not such a great idea. It is the mother of all proctoring jobs, long and tiring. The only really exciting thing to do is eat! I have been doing great for lunch because we literally cannot leave the building, but dinner... off the raw wagon. Last night I was inhaling brown rice, tonight it was whole wheat pasta. Come to mama you cooked yummy goodness!

Usually after this proctoring job I treat myself to something special like a pedicure, or I demand (yes demand) a night out involving spicy food and beer. I don't think that's in the budget, so this time I'll just come home, wiggle my toes and eat yet another banana smoothie? I need to find a job! I must have Thai food! My toes need pampering!