Saturday, February 5, 2011

Quilt Sale on our Street

Got tired of these quilts hanging around. They are just not getting enough views on Etsy. So I put up a sign "Quilts 4 Sale" and waited to see what happened.
Well, I actually didn't sit there twiddling my thumbs, I set up a table on the porch and cut a bunch of vintage chenille bedspreads to smithereens. They were already trashed, I just made them usable to use in quilts.
A woman came by and bought three of my big quilts. I normally don't drive around with large bills in my wallet, thinking, Man I just want to buy me some quilts!!! But there are people like that, thank goodness. She drove off with the quilts, and I went inside to perform the Dance of Joy. Grocery money!

So my experiment worked, now I am just down to 4 baby quilts. Hmm, someone needs to have quads. Jeff and Myra?