Friday, February 11, 2011

The McDougall Diet is Working

We are coming up on 3 years since Ernst's heart attack and angioplasty with 3 stents. We have been vegan since reading The China Study, and then went on the McDougall Diet 2 years ago - vegan with oils just from foods, not added for cooking. This means no meat, poultry, fish, eggs, or dairy, and no white flour or rice, very little sugar. There actually is a lot to eat besides all that, but it is a lot of work, and a lot of explaining to well meaning people who think we are going to waste away!

Ernst had a nuclear perfusion test last week. We were worried, what would we do if there was more clogging? Most patients begin clogging up again after 3 years. He dreaded another angioplasty. And we were already eating so good, what was next, becoming fruitatarians?

He was supposed to see the cardiologist a few days after the test, but the doctor called and said the appointment was cancelled, his heart is great! What terrific news. The diet is working! Now if we could just do something about his wardrobe?

Love those safety glasses
Ernst in his winter lederhosen!
 I on the other hand seem to be a mess lately. All the stuff that makes Ernst feel great: potatoes, rice, whole grain bread, it all makes me look and feel like the Pillsbury Dough Girl. I have arthritis! I am too young for this!
I felt so amazing this last summer when I went on a raw food diet. It was like a miracle. My hearing even improved. But it is hard, I mean really hard. Being vegan is a walk in the park compared to going raw. Then Kodie died, we got Molly, had the 10-10-10 party, Ernst had his close to death accident, I lost my job, we had the remodel.  All this required comfort food, lots of it!

Raw Food Month August 2010

Our active new addition!
But here I go, I am going to do it again, at least for a month, until the next Moldovan wedding, which is exactly 4 weeks away.  Break out the fruit smoothies, make up some nutty taco mix, dust off the dehydrator, my goodness, it's only food, not like that is important! As we say around here, Life is Better Than Food!