Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sleep Sewing by Mikayla and Jessica

Mikayla and I finally got together again to work on her quilt. She was tired from a school field trip, I was beat from a Design weekend with RBC, so we were two sleepy sewers.
If the quilt were an Excel worksheet, I guess you could say we are done with 8 rows, and have columns 1-3 sewn together. We were so tired, that was all we could manage. (At this rate we should finish in time for her first grandchild to enjoy it.) It is adorable, and with one more session we should get it done. There is some fun and funky fabric and the red corduroy is really "popping".
FAA chickens

I spent much of the day updating our RBC ADA requirements for grab bars, TP holders, toilets, urinals and drinking fountains, or as the California code calls them,"bubblers."  My mom always calls a drinking fountain a bubbler. I thought it was an Elvenism. It is a real word!
a drinking fountain that spouts water
(Are there beer fountains?)
There you go Mom, you are right.