Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kodie the Wonder Dog

Snack Door
Kodie the Wonder Quilt

My favorite photo

Geocaching at Butano

Decapitated friends

 I made a quilt in memory of Kodie the Wonder Dog. We had Kodie his last 4 years, but he had our hearts long before we officially adopted him. Last August we knew it was time. We had to call "Dr. Catvorkian" and let him go out in peace.

Any pool in a pinch

"Yep, I diagnosed his heart attack"

Happy Camper

Extended Pack

Fan club

More milkshake please

Ernst's favorite photo

Our fabulous friends and neighbors helped Ernst dig the very large grave in our hard pan soil. Not easy. And then on his last night, Kodie got to swim with his fan club, the girls down the street. After his swim, Dan and his girls, Jason and his boys, Kodie, Ernst and I all hung out on our front lawn. The Boy was eating it up, seemed to look at every passing car and say, Hey I bet your pack isn't this big!
He got a chocolate milkshake as his last treat. He was happy, we were crying our eyes out. Dan came during his lunch hour and helped Ernst bury him. We planted a Yellow Barked Dogwood on his grave, which was appropriate.

 We still miss him, he was a great dog.

Jesse and Jeron, extended pack