Friday, February 18, 2011

Team Panda?

Next weekend is the Sea Lion Bowl at SF State. It is the Northern California section of the National Ocean Sciences Bowl. Ernst has a team from his school competing, as he has for the last few years.

There is this one school, which I won't mention the name of, that ALWAYS wins. They are from San Jose. They are unstoppable! The goal isn't to beat them, it is to avoid being crushed by the academic machine that they are.

It is an amazing competition, I am always blown away by how smart the kids are, and how much they have learned about oceanography, boating and sailing terms, weather, geography and ecology. I know only about 5% of the answers. It is great fun, but I get so nervous I can hardly watch. We get to stay at the Ohrenschall Guest house, and there is an awards banquet after.

So the girls decided they wanted a PANDA as their mascot. A PANDA for an ocean themed competition! Here is the logo Ernst had designed for our shirts. Let's hope it intimidates the brainy kids!

A busy week ahead, an RBC weekend followed by a week of proctoring the State Bar Exam. The Sea Lion Bowl will be a nice respite from a busy February. Go Pandas!!!!!