Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Big Fat Moldovan Wedding - Part One

Our sweet friend Sergey married his adorable Dorina last night. As usual, the dancing and the food were wonderful. Each of these over-the-top Moldovan weddings are unique and fun.

One of the games we played at this one: get 4 couples (us included) and take the wives away. Put a sheet over the heads of the guys, and poke only their noses through small holes. The wives have to identify their husband's nose. Easy you might think? I thought they were playing a joke and they had put in 4 different husbands! The bride was convinced she had picked Sergey, but by then I was pretty sure that nose belonged to Ernst. Wish I had got some pictures, it was quite hilarious.

Since Dorina's whole family is back in Moldova, Sergey walked her down the aisle. It was so sweet and pure, it brought tears to my eyes. Their ceremonies are very simple, but their receptions are crazy fun. Fortunately, her family got to follow the whole day live, captured on an iPhone.

Sergey and Dorina

Are you ready for some dancing?

Fruit anyone?

Yeah, it's really a watermelon

I have seen Moldovan kids eat lots of fruit at parties before. But take fruit and make it into cute shapes and put it on sticks? No problem getting them to eat their Five a Day. Between the kids and the adults, this whole table was almost gone in an hour.