Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What Great Quilt Weather

Who took off with summer, and where did they put it? My poor little veggies got all smashed from the hail and rain, and now no sun to speak of with cold nights. Summer is my least favorite season of all, but now that I do a garden I hate it a little less. And how are clothes on the line supposed to dry in this cold damp May?

It is great quilt making weather, though. I have two planned in my head, if the quilt elves would just show up I could put them to work cutting out fabric. The first one is a memory quilt for a friend's mom. I'll go to their house tomorrow to pick out some fabric to use. It is easier when I didn't know the person. I feel such responsibility that these memory quilts turn out nice, there is only one chance to get it right. No Oops Pile to throw them into.

The second one will be for a dog themed quilt to be raffled off for Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue. That is where we went to get a dog after our Kodie boy died. We were planning on just fostering a dog for a while, we expected an older dog that would lie around a lot. They gave us Molly (AKA Starlet), a young pup who was found on the loose in Bakerfield, covered with ticks. While waiting to be spayed, she got kennel cough, then they found out she was preggers. She got shipped up to HBGRR and had nine pups. We were supposed to keep her through her spaying, and then get her ready for adoption. She was in our yard for about 20 minutes and we decided we had to keep her. Molly had short hair then, from the puppy hormones. Now she is a full blown, long-haired, shedding, shoe eating, plant flattening, probably part Australian Shepherd, slipper stealing, ball obsessed, squirrel chasing, yard destroying goofball. We are so happy to have her!

Destroying yet another toy

Our Dyson gets quite a workout