Sunday, May 15, 2011

From Sweating to Snowing in 36 Hours

On Friday we went back to Placerville to work on low voltage for the quick build. The weather was really warm, actually hot at times. We all tried to drink lots of water, stay in the shade and we were happy to have short sleeves and sunscreen on.

That was Friday, this is Sunday. Snow! Cold! Hail! Freezing! All the stuff that got left out got covered in a slushy spring snow. The hall sits at 2000 feet elevation, but the snow was only expected above 3000 feet. The Placerville people were tired, the Sacramentans were laughing and throwing snowballs. It wasn't our first quick build in the snow, but it was our first May quick build in the snow!

I hadn't even packed a coat, had to borrow a vest and sweatshirt. We got our work done and came back through a downpour. This is a fun spring storm with lightening and thunder. Our garden and lawn are getting a good soaking. Of course this happened right after I got my summer clothes out and treated myself to a pedicure. My toes look really nice inside their warm winter socks.

Placerville CA on May 15, 2011

thrashed summer shade tents

ice cold water anyone?

Snow on the pine trees, so very pretty

Snow on the mulch pile, not so pretty

Snow, then hail, then rain, then more hail

more than a dusting, not quite a dumping

borrowed coat for the flatlander

sunglasses Friday - snow goggles Sunday