Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Irina and Sasha Quilts

These quilts were finished the same week, a week that the rest of the house went to shambles. I am in recovery mode now.

The Irina Quilt

The Sasha Quilt
The Irina quilt is named after my over-the-top friend who got married this spring. She is full of life and laughter, and when this quilt came together with bright colors and pizazz, I had to name it after her. Irina hits life head-on, she was a full out blond for her wedding and then colored her hair jet black the next week.

This quilt was a joy to make, and it came together super easy, thanks to a lot of great fabric from Kathy, a skirt that annoyed me (see below) plus a Hawaiian shirt from Linda that pulled it all together. This was rag quilting at its best, I only had to rip out and resew two corners.

The Sasha quilt is named after Irina's husband, short for Aleksandr. He is cute and sweet and a good match for her over-the-top-ness. I picked up a huge amount of adorable Noah's Ark print at the thrift store, it was fun to sew with. I did this one without the X in the middle, just a layer of flannel in the middle of each square. A different way to put it together, but I do prefer the "traditional" method, if you can call a rag quilt traditional.

Organized for about a week
Nice while it lasts
I am in Spring Cleaning mode this week. I cleaned out my closets, trying to be ruthless. I have so many cool separates that I have acquired. Those pieces that, with the right thing, would be perfect. Those clothes that came from someone with such good taste, I know they are worth hanging on to. The outfits that, if liposuction would just get cheaper and risk free, would look so good on me. I brought some items to Crossroads and got cash, others to Renaissance for consignment. If I look at my closet as not What can I wear, but as What can I sell, it makes the decision that much easier. This summer, if I try it on and hate it, it goes. If I wear it and hate it, it goes. If it shifts, droops, twists, rides up, bunches, or otherwise annoys me, it goes. Note to my clothes - be good, or else. You may go the way of this shoe.
A shoe in a former life

Molly loves "sole food"