Thursday, May 26, 2011

From Spanx to Sewing Machine Angst - Post One Hundred

When I started this blog it really was just to document and promote my quilts. My husband thought that since I was on Etsy, it was a good idea to add a blog for more oomph.

Here was my first post - Diving Into Etsy

Last night I posted my first quilt on Etsy. Is it even called posting? Comparing my page to others, it is really embarrassing. Apparently one needs to create a really interesting and unique banner that goes on top for the title. I thought all I had to do was create really interesting and unique quilts, but alas I was mistaken.

This morning was spent cutting out the squares for the new quilt, which I will post to make my shop have the whopping number of two items! I will need to sew it, then of course think of a really interesting and unique name for it to stand out from the rest. Who knew a job in marketing with IKEA would be required to sell quilts?

Since then I have made and sold a quiverful of quilts. So happy I came up with the idea of naming them Romanian girls names, I can remember them well because I try to match the colors and the style with the personality I associate with the name. I sometimes sit at meetings letting my eyes wander over the girls, seeing who I could make and name a quilt after.

The blog has been full of lots of "unquilty" things too, such as:

Spanx swimwear (huge Google traffic on that one, if only I had monetized!!)
Moldovan weddings
cleaning closets
our trip to China (most diverse Google traffic from post on climbing Mt. Tai)
vegan eating
quick builds
Team Panda
dogs, past and present
fender benders
learning Romanian
not learning Romanian
and lots of Ernst, but there is a lot of Ernst to cover

I used to think that to have a blog, one needed to have a really interesting life, involving living in a far off land, running triathalons, or having identical triplet boys. I don't come close to any of those descriptions. But a blog is such a cool way of actually doing something with our photos, finally keeping a journal and a great way of staying in touch with friends. Even though I don't allow comments on the blog, very often I hear from old friends via email about something I wrote, it has been a great way of keeping in contact. (No, I don't do Facebook.)

Some posts have been extremely therapeutic. By far the hardest one to write was about my Dad's death 20 years ago. It helped so much to get that down in writing, it really was a good moment to hit the Publish Post on that one.

So All Squared Up has been good for the quilts and good for me. I blog, therefore I am...ready to get on to whatever is coming next.

Some possible topics for future posts?

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