Sunday, May 1, 2011

Survived a Quick Build on the Master Cleanse

We did a Quick Build in Placerville yesterday, right in the middle of this Master Cleanse thing. I got through it! I usually pack us a healthy lunch and snacks, but then cave and eat terrible. Well, what we consider terrible, which would be cookies and goodies and lots of soft white carbs. I end up looking like the Pillsbury Doughgirl on Monday morning, minus the happy giggles.

I packed a ton of healthy stuff for Ernst, including the bread pudding I make for him with whole grain bread, Rice Dream, raisins and agave syrup. It actually sticks together as if it had eggs. It looks pretty bad, but he just loves it. He loves anything that remotely tastes like the way he used to eat. And I brought my juice concoction. I just went and sat in our friend's van and slurpped my juice, trying not to smell the good scents drifting from the kitchen.

OK, "lunch" was over, time to go chat with some friends. They were finishing up their ribs, which now look really gross to me, so no food envy. Then someone walked by with a tray of strawberry shortcake! And if that wasn't enough, someone was following with whipped cream. I just wanted to open my mouth baby bird style and see what happened. I survived, no treats, life went on.

It amazed me that I got through the strenous day on no food. I am usually famished at QBs, but even after crawling under the hall to run four mic lines to the stage, I didn't feel the need for a brownie! And again, no back pain this morning. Four days to go, and then I hit the bananas! It will be the YUM heard around the world.