Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Our White Trash Garden

The expanded 2011 White House Garden

The 2010 crop

Last year Michelle Obama helped create the White House Garden. With help from local school kids, they planted a huge variety of veggies in a really cool layout. Here were the results.

Yesterday I got my garden in. I don't think it will be making the cover of Sunset Magazine.

Surrounded by logs and cement blocks, with string going up the fence for the peas and the green beans, it is a garden no less. I used some tomato cages we found in someone's trash and we surrounded it with fencing to keep Molly out.

I planted 3 tomatoes-Early Girl, a cherry tomato and an heirloom I couldn't resist, German Queen. I added pole beans, sugar snap peas in pots, cilantro, a basil, and a red pepper. Already planted were some radishes that don't seem to be doing much. I hope to squeeze in a dill plant today.

Last year I planted an heirloom called Hillbilly, which fit in real well with the looks. It grew taller than me, and put out one huge tomato that was half rotten! What a disappointment. So I planted 2 tried and trues this time, and will watch the German Queen to see what it does.

This one sits on the garage side of the house, close to the kitchen. We also have the Kodie Garden, given the name because he used to love to steal melons and zucchinis, which he did eat. This is where I put the spreading plants that go crazy. So far we have 2 zucchinis, 2 cucumbers, a watermelon and a honeydew. I need to put in one more zucchini, the bush kind I like best (come August, I'm sure I'll regret it) and a cantaloupe. This is far from the house, it can go crazy and look awful and I don't care. Ernst is great about keeping this watered for me. I hope Molly isn't a melon thief too.
The White Trash Garden

A more flattering view