Wednesday, December 7, 2011

No More Knitted Brow

Finally, I found a way to knit that doesn't drive me to drink. I found a YouTube video that shows a way of knitting that makes sense to people who crochet. So far I have only a little practice patch, (which is not worth sharing) but by George I think I have it.

OK, now what?
I'm certainly not going to knit a sweater. Too much pressure.
I only have one neck, and I already have some scarves I love.
Socks? Got a drawer full.
What else, what else? Yarn Bombing our yard?

We saw yarn bombing (also known as yarn storming, guerrilla knitting, or graffiti knitting) before I knew what it was. We were up in Mendocino County, and I saw a railing on a public sidewalk covered in yarn. Not wrapped in yarn, but custom fit with a colorful yarn pole sweater. Weird, but cute and friendly. Then I heard that the Crocker Art Museum was yarn bombed, and that they actually appreciated it and left it there. I can't imagine having enough yarn, time or finger energy to do something like this. But as far as graffiti goes, this certainly beats spray paint and broken windows.

Yarn Bombing

Yarn Storming

Graffiti Knitting

Guerrilla Knitting

Gorilla Knitting

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