Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Some Bunny Loves You Quilt

Some Bunny Loves You

"Some bunny" contacted me the other day wanting to order a baby quilt. It's for a couple who are choosing to find out boy or girl at the birth. How fun! I went through my stash and found all this really cute fabric. Yes there are some flowers, so if it's a boy he can get in touch with his inner florist.

The star attraction is some bunny fabric I found at the thrift store - super adorable. The peach and blue solids fit in great, and I finally found a use for the peach and blue stripes. I even managed to add some fabric from an unused drapery valance - Scarlett O'Hara style. And (I wish there were more) two squares of just too stinkin' cute stuffed animal fabric. It is a quilt with a mystery history. Just great for a gender neutral baby gift.

Molly gets the scraps. Unlike our first dog Kodie, who enjoyed regular dog toys, Molly has a very odd collection. She utterly destroys stuffed animals as did Kodie, but she destroys Kongs and rubber squeaky toys too. Actually she eats them and they end up in her doo doo. That can't be healthy. All that is left is rope toys, which she eventually obliterates. To make them last longer, Ernst ties on old socks and rags and leftover quilt scraps. Her toys are a pathetic menagerie, like the weird neighbor boy's collection from Toy Story. At least she doesn't chew our shoes - anymore.

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