Friday, December 16, 2011

The Store Where Everyone Knows Your Name

 World International Market
1828 Fulton Avenue
Sacramento 916-488-8017
(Fulton Avenue at Alta Arden)

The store I love has changed hands, but that is not a bad thing. Formerly owned by friendly people who yelled at each other, it is now owned by a man named Fonzi from Israel, and as far as I can tell, he doesn't yell. At least he didn't yell at me when I forgot my wallet.

Not only did he not yell, he let me walk out with almost $30 worth of groceries, with the promise I would come back the next day and pay. Pretty stinking cool, I say. That wouldn't happen at a name brand place, that's for sure. Fonzi and I didn't even know each other at that point, because like I said he just bought the place from the Nice Screamers. He didn't know I go in often, that I had already put his store in a past blog post. He just trusted me - how refreshing.

The new owner has made some slight updates to the place - a bit quieter, a bit cleaner, and a lot more organized. Plus there are some goodies in the works. Fonzi is opening a deli and he will serve homemade hummus from a secret recipe. Come to Mama! We are huge hummus lovers. I know it's a cinch to make, and I have tried different recipes. But my food processor is wimpy so the hummus comes out a tad too chunky.

If you want a shopping adventure full of International foods from all lands yummy, this is a great place to visit. There are lots of Huh? items that will intrigue you, great prices on fruits and veggies, bulk beans and nuts and the rice prices are through the floor (cheap.) It is right around the corner from Launder Dog, so you could get your pooch groomed and fill your pantry on the same trip. Leave your grocery list at home. Leave your recipes at home. Don't leave your wallet at home though, I don't want Fonzi to ban me from buying hummus.

Potatoes white and sweet, beets, oranges, gobs of walnut halves, black tea from Sri Lanka, giant pomegranates, brown sugar, brown mustard, and some chocolate too cheap to pass up. 28 dollars.