Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kale Butter from Engine 2 Diet

 *Very Important Update. Ernst thought this was gross tasting, seriously gross. I loved it, especially on a baked potato. So proceed at your own risk.*

Picture this, and you will have to because Ernst took the camera on a field trip-

First picture a really well equipped jazzy kitchen because, while we are pretending, we might as well go big. Now picture really professional photos of steamed kale, walnuts, some of the kale steam water and a bit of salt being blended in a Vita-Mix. I don't have a Vita-Mix, but just stay with me here. Close by is our incredibly obedient dog Molly, who lives to follow my every command.

Even in my little dinky kitchen and with my blender that needs encouragement to spin, I made Engine 2 Kale Butter. And it is so good. No really. I was a skeptic too, I didn't think it could possible be as delicious as it is touted to be. But growing in my winter garden, I had some stuff that I am almost 99% positive is kale. It said it on the seed packet, but it didn't look like it one bit. I even brought a leaf of it to the store to compare, nope not looking right. But it was green and leafy and it was consistently un-kale like, so there was no way it was some kind of poisonous weed. They usually don't grow in mass amounts right where you planted seeds for something edible.

I would love to say the walnuts are from our tree and the water from our well, but we can only claim the green stuff. If you buy some real kale, some real walnuts and you have some water and salt, you have to try this. I loved it warm, but I think it's supposed to be cold, like pesto. It would be great on a baked potato or with chips or carrot sticks.

Engine 2 Kale Butter
1 bunch kale, rinsed and chopped
1/2 cup walnuts
1/2 cup water from the steamed kale
(I added a dash of Braggs)

Steam the kale for 5 minutes, until tender. Blend the cooked kale with the walnuts and 1/2 cup of the green water from steaming. Add salt to taste. Process in a blender until smooth. (I think a food processor would work as well). If you don't like it, remember that someone with a really jazzy kitchen and well mannered pooch suggested it. That would not be me.