Friday, January 7, 2011

In need of Quilt Elves

What next?

I love Etsy, but apparently so do millions of other people selling their wares. Etsy is currently making some improvements to how things appear to the public, but I doubt it will affect my few little quilts.

I have 3 quilts ready to go and another in mind. But I can't afford the Warm and Natural batting until it goes on a killer sale, and I can't do anything until then. I've been puttering around looking for some more fabric, found a cute chenille remnant today at Joanne's fabric, but I now know it won't go far. These rag quilts take a huge amount of fabric.

Another issue is this pesky bout with osteoarthritis. How can I have it when no other women in my family have it? Making quilts when my hands ache is not so much fun, besides that I really shouldn't. What I need are elves, really great quilt elves. I find the fabric, choose the design and they do all the work. Like a sweat shop, but nicer. Molly would love the company.
At our very early surprise 20th Anniversary

 Ernst and I have celebrated two anniversaries every year for twenty years. Well, this year was weird because of the huge celebration on 10-10-10. So yesterday was the 20th anniversary of the day Ernst proposed. January 6, that is a big day for us. Each January 6 we have done a little something to remember that day.

Well, I haven't transferred over to my new calendar for 2011, and it came and went without us noticing! Ernst was on vacation and we have just been bumming around at home. I should have got flowers, or a card, or at least made a nice dinner for Ernst. We did eat together, we were at the Raelians getting some Romanian tutoring, that doesn't count.