Thursday, January 20, 2011

Janet's Quilt, the one that started it all

Two years ago, Joanne and I were talking about her yearly visit to California, and she mentioned she also wanted to visit the Washingtons in Wisconsin. Wink and Janet are a couple we met 30 years ago when Joanne lived in Fon du Lac.
We decided to rendezvous there in Spring 2009, and what fun we had. Usually our vacations to see each other mean that one of us is still in regular life, with work and other responsibilities. This was great to both be on vacation, and being spoiled by the Washingtons no less. Plus I got bumped on my flight, used that to go visit Connecticut last December, and got bumped from that flight too! A very lucrative vacation.

I just fell in love with Janet's rag quilts. So all three of us worked on this one. I was hooked, and became a quilt monster! I have never been a sewer. I used to crochet, but this was much more creative. Janet taught me to use recycled material, relax about it and not to be afraid to add some punchy fabric.

I got back to California, bought a sewing machine and the rest is a blur of batting and thread all over the house. It took me 47 years to discover a hobby. Thanks Janet for getting me started.