Friday, January 14, 2011

The Petra Quilt

This one was a breeze to make, all the corners seemed to WANT to be together. Maybe because it was all light weight fabric, or could it be that I am getting to be a better sewer?
The flowers from Todd and Sherri's anniversary party added a nice touch to these pictures. But still only 6 views on Etsy. That is not good.
So I have 5 quilts for sale right now, Loredana, Daniella, Laura, Natalya and Petra. For some reason Loredana keeps getting all the views, but my photos of it are not so hot. Need to revamp.
I put together another a large sized one tonight from stuff I already had cut out. Such an easier process, all the decisions were made and I just sewed. Think I'll call it Valentina?