Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I sold Anastasia!

Anastasia, now at Shugabee Lane in Texas
So excited, I sold another quilt. A woman in Texas who has the ShugabeeLane shop on Etsy bought my little pink shabby chic baby quilt! She loves the fact that I make eco-quilts, and would like to see more since she is opening a baby boutique. Now would be a great time for the quilt elves to show up, but I think I'm all on my own.
I seriously need to get some Warm and White batting, it just won't seem to go on sale. I can't really make much of a profit at this until I get the batting cheaper.
Next quilt is the Natasha one, baby quilt with 25 large squares, stuck on whether to put in some black fabric from some Talbot's pants, or just stay all girly and pink.