Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Valentina Quilt

I tried a different type of quilt for this last one. My usual rag quilt method means sewing the fabric wrong side to wrong side, which is opposite of regular sewing. That just doesn't work with chenille, the lumps and bumps get all caught up in the foot of the sewing machine.
So I decided to make a tied quilt. It wasn't so hard until I had the bright idea to use the chenille bedspread fringe as the ties. I think people have had babies in the time it took me to do those 16 ties. The needle would just not go through those 3 layers, I was practically yelling I was so mad. Then I poked myself and started to bleed, not the relaxing experience one imagines of a granny sitting and doing quilting.
The fabric was all free from my neighbor, old bedspreads she picked up at garage sales. The back is a Ralph Lauren sheet from a thrift store. I have a bunch more of all this stuff, so I'll probably just make several variations of this look, which I won't post here.
So here we go, another wait for an Etsy buyer. This is getting old, such a lull between sales.