Thursday, January 27, 2011

Squared Up is so messed up

Not a great week for my business, ha! if you can call it that. The quilt that I sold to the woman in Texas with the baby boutique, well it got lost in the mail. It had a delivery confirmation, but that doesn't do much good when they don't know where it is!
If I give her the money back, then we are out the money. So I just mailed her another quilt, the Petra quilt, which means she will immediately receive the first one, if Murphy's Law is involved.
I'm working on another quilt, lots of flannel, jeans and cotton shirts. Ugh, it looks like I was drunk, seriously inebriated. Crooked sewing, uneven Xs, what is happening? Can you get a SUI  (Sewing Under the Influence) with a blood alcohol content of zero?
So I told myself I am taking a break from this. Time to put it all away for a time and let it gather some dust like the rest of the house. Then my neighbor gave me a huge box of gorgeous vintage chenille. Wow, it is so funky cool. Hmm, what can I make with it? Time to fire up the sewing machine...