Sunday, January 30, 2011

Finding fabric fluff in the fireplace

It has been a while since I really cleaned house. The kind of cleaning when you would just die if someone stopped over during the process, but you wish so much someone would drop in after it all looks perfect. I used to do this often, but energy levels being what they are, it has been too long.

The Romanian language bookshelf got revamped. From all the books we have purchased, by the sheer amount of money invested, we should be doing better. I don't think there is a book about the subject that we don't own. Anyway, we can see all the materials better now.

There was quilt and fabric crud everywhere. The picture on my Etsy shop is from when I was cutting out the fabric for Judy's quilt. That is where I have done all my cutting and snipping, cross legged on the floor in front of the fireplace. I am sick of all the mess. I am tired of missing the mat and cutting the rug. (And I mean actually slicing the rug with the rotary cutter, I am not talking about dancing!)

So I have made some new house rules. I will no longer do any fabric cutting in the living room. My goal is to set something up in the garage, and do marathon cutting sessions instead of one quilt at a time. I'll sew in the sewing/office/dog/junk room and do the rag quilt snipping outside. Our living room is for talking, reading and studying. The kitchen table is for eating. It usually looks like the picture in my older post, the one with the teenagers at the table. When we were in English, we probably had one of the cleanest houses. That's not true anymore. Moldovans and Romanians are so clean, it is inspiring. And they do nothing except eat at their kitchen tables, what a concept!