Monday, March 21, 2011

Chasing The Sun

We left on Sunday, followed the sun until Monday evening,then went to sleep. I think it is Tuesday and I know we are in China! All our chocolate and cookies were a hit, and now our luggage has room for gifts.

The flight was amazing, I got the window seat and stared out for hours. Alaska, ice flows, tundra, snow and ice, Siberia I think. (I may have even seen Sarah Palin's house, but maybe it was just Russia). Just beautiful and I couldn't stop staring. My neck is sore but I am filled with awe.

Flying over China was incredible. Farmland for hours and hours, just like in the US, but it looked different. A linear pattern to the crops, and I couldn't tell what it was. Tea? Wheat? All the roofs are simple, long buildings with really simple roof lines. And until we were closert to the airport, not many cars on the roads.

Beautiful modern airport, light and amazing. Not scary at all. It was a really easy process. I will call our hosts Brad and Angelina, Brad picked us up and we took a taxi to the apartment. Crazy traffic, but not as crazy as Rome or Paris. The apartment is great, like a European apartment, just half the size. The kitchen is small enough to clean without moving your feet. Not as cold as I expected, the air is so dry it feels warmer. We are going to go do some tooling around today, nothing serious, still just enjoying being here with Brangelina.

The morning we left, Ernst lost his cell phone at Rite Aid. So we didn't have the address of where we were staying to fill out the card on the plane. We started looking through the flight magazine for a hotel address to write down. Then we heard some tour guide telling his people to write Jade Palace Hotel. So we wrote Jade Palace Hotel and hoped no one cared.

Good to finally be here, and excited to just let the trip unfold with no plans. What a relaxing feeling. Take Care.