Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Our visas for China

We went to San Francisco yesterday to get our visas at the Chinese consulate. It was a bit like the DMV, wait in a long line outside in the cold, then take a number and wait while staring at a board for the number to come up. Except they don't yet have metal detectors at the DMV. I was expecting something a little more classy. My impressions are preparing me a bit for our upcoming trip.

Chinese babies are the cutest babies on the planet.
I had the largest rear end in the whole place, I forgot how tiny Chinese women are. Must get used to this.
Must get used to the line cutting, even by older people. Hey, climb the hill and wait in line like the rest of us, cute little grandma with the cute little grandkid. And, lady with the adorable kids and the tiny little rear end, WE are number 801, see our ticket???
Speaking Romanian is so convenient, we can talk about people and they can't understand! On the off chance that there is a Romanian anywhere, we slaughter the grammar so badly they won't understand anyway. Our form of Romanglish is like a secret language, can't believe I never realized this benefit before.
Surrendering our passports was an awful feeling. They took them and will return them when we pick up the visas.

Other than that, I am totally unprepared and have no idea what to pack. I can do Europe in summer no problem, but Asia in early spring is throwing me for a loop.