Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Violeta Quilt

Not sure if Violeta is a Romanian name, but it works great with this quilt. I stayed home yesterday and made this, really dumb because I need to be getting ready for our trip. My list of things to do goes out the door, which is what I need to do. Go out the door and get stuff done!

Tomorrow I need to clone myself. I need to go on field trip to San Fransisco with Ernst and pick up our visas somehow on the same trip. But we have a wedding in our hall, and I have become the defacto wedding ceremony go-to person. The Moldovans are used to the European way of doing weddings. All the legal stuff is done at the courthouse, so they are not big on the actual wedding ceremony there. They pummel us with questions, but I think how would I feel if I were getting married in Moldova and I had no idea what is required? Usually by the end of the night I want to change my name! Tomorrow I'll only answer to Violeta.