Saturday, March 19, 2011

Down to the wire

Ernst still hasn't packed, he is running a 5k today and has a talk this afternoon. He always manages to pull off what needs to be done, and I should be used to it already, but it still amazes me. Our first trip to Europe had Ernst and JoLee McCurdy running through Brooklyn Heights to mail off the last of the homework he had to grade before he left. He had stayed up 48 hours to get it graded, and somehow managed to finish just in time, run to mail it and run back to the lobby for our ride to JFK. His internal clock has yet to fail him, but one of these days I have a HUGE "I told you so" planned.

One good thing about the talk today, we got invited to Moldovan food after. That means lots of veggies and healthy choices. Right now our fridge is really bare, just some goodies for our dog sitters. A whole mess of our last tasks are on the table, we may be up a while tonight. But good to be tired for that long plane ride. I don't sleep well on planes, or in beds for that matter!

 La revedere! I don't know how to spell good-bye in Chinese.