Friday, March 18, 2011

Ready or not...

...we are leaving in 36 hours. I walked our house sitter through today, trying to think of all the quirks that you learn about a place: turn this this way or this happens, this sticks so give it a good shove, if this goes off it means this. So much to do just to get away for 2 short weeks.

It is finally sinking in that we will be on Vacation for 2 weeks. When people ask what our itinerary is, we honestly don't know! Whatever our hosts have planned. This is so unlike any other trip we have taken. Our first trip to Asia, our first trip where Ernst can't use his German, our first oversees trip in winter. As usual, I'm packed and ready to roll, Ernst is "mentally packing."

Super news though this week, Ernst did not get a pink slip. The day he would have got it, I sent an "orange slip" in his lunch. It said, Orange you glad I'm your wife? Orange you glad you have good health? Orange you glad we're going to China? Orange you glad we have a dog who likes to pee on pink slips? It helped him get through the day waiting for the pink slip that didn't come. We have a bit of survivor's guilt, but both of us unemployed would have been so very pathetic.

I hope to post photos and thoughts of our adventure, we'll see how often it will happen. I'm getting worse with jet lag the older I get, so it may be a few days before I get "orient"ed.