Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Larissa Quilt

This is named after my friend Larissa. She is an amazing seamstress who has a shop in Folsom, Quick Alterations. I would love to have one of her scary powerful industrial strength machines, but it would probably sense fear and rebel for me.

I love how this one turned out, the colors were so easy to work with. It uses some quilt material from my former workmate Kathy, some stuff from thrift stores, and a floral skirt that made me look like a sail boat, the sail part. Ernst saw it on our bed for the photos and said, "can we keep this one?" Nope, it is on Etsy right now.

I need to make at least one more this size, and then try another sale here in the yard. Only 5 sales total so far (not counting the one that got lost in the mail). This isn't exactly a gold mine. But I enjoy the process, and now that I cut the fabric outside, it doesn't trash the house too much.

The regular side

The fringed side