Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Scorpions on a Stick

Some sights from our second day here:

Scorpions, sea horses and caterpillars on a stick. Really yucky street food just for the wow factor. The sea horses have been decimated here, and now they are coming from South America. I should feel concerned about the scorpions being destroyed, but I can't muster up the pity.

We saw the Summer Palace. I'm sure some really cool movies have been filmed there, that long covered gazebo thing is incredible. We are still seeing very few non Chinese, even in the touristy areas.

I have crammed myself onto some really crowded buses and subways, getting better at getting my subway legs. Jessica C. is right, one can be totally surrounded by humanity, and still feel safe. The public toilets are OK, I just don't breathe through my nose, hike up my pant hems and get out as fast as possible.

The food is so incredibly good. I think the Chinese eateries in US need to revamp, this real stuff would be a hit! The translations on the menus are great, there was one dish that promised to give cancer!

So many sights and impressions. There are city sights that dazzle, quaint areas that are endearing, and some sights that you don't know if they are being destroyed or being built. This is like I pictured and nothing like I pictured. I need to upload some pictures, I'll try tonight. We are walking tons, eating lots and having such a great time with B and A. Their apartment is a haven to come to at night after sensory overload.

Great weather, yesterday was freezing. An older man stripped down to his speedos and swam in the near freezing water. He looked old, had a great body, so maybe he discovered the fountain of youth? Ernst says he is the Chinese Jack LaLanne. Then again, maybe he is 25 and it is aging his face!

Off to do some shopping, So glad Brangelina are here to haggle for us, they are saving us lots of money.

My new favorite food: hawthorn berries on a stick, covered in a light caramel. Yu-Um  Bye for now.

PS. We are referring to our hosts as Brad and Angelina, Brangelina or just B and A so they can preserve their privacy. The only Pitts I know do have tons of kids, but they are on the West Coast.