Thursday, March 31, 2011

Photos from our Excursion

Beach walk
Frozen Dinner
Sunrise silliness
Train ride with Brangelina
Qingdao waterfront
On top of Mt. Tai Shan
Our water supply for the hotel

Our trip down to Taishan Mountain and Qingdao is over. We came back by train tonight. Our last full day is tomorrow, a day to pack up and get a few more things. We are feeling a bit on the edge of getting sick, but so far we are fine. The last couple of hours on the train were hard, we had some stinky fellow passengers. It was great to get a lung full of that great Beijing smog as we got off!
So much to process, this has been an amazing adventure. Great to meet new friends and catch up with old friends in this larger than life place. Myra told me I would want to move here after visiting. I don't, but I do know why others do. There is much to do here and brave souls are needed. There are pluses to living here that cannot be seen from afar, and I am so glad that I now "get China."