Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Bryant's Blog about B.O. on the Bus sure sounded familiar to us. We had a similar experience on the train coming back from Qingdao. We were seated in those most awkward seats where the front facing seats meet the back facing seats, but the first 3 hours we had it to ourselves. Homemade muffins from the American couple, giant size noodle cups, yummy Chinese treats and lots of leg room.

Then came the smelly gang. These guys filled up the seats in front of B and A, and then we got our seats filled too. The first sniffs came, OH MY WORD THEY STINK. It was a mixture of BB, BO and CB (bad breath, body odor and cigarette breath). That along with the snorting and hacking made for a very long and stinky return to Beijing. I put some lotion under my nose to have something good to smell and my coat over my head to keep out the worst of it. These are pictures of me making the PU sign. The bear is our travel key chain, who will have her own China slide show in a few weeks. Some situations require humor to endure. With all the cramming we did on the buses and subways, this was our only bad (but unfortunately really long lasting) experience with BSA, Body Stench in Asia.

Then on our return plane trip, an American backpacker was sitting in the row in front of us. He kept lifting up his arms just in case we didn't already know HE SMELLED REALLY BAD. He was eyeing the empty seat next to us, but I had already practiced my ever so civil "Oh no, really, you can't sit there, your body odor would make that impossible." Nothing worse than BSFMEA, Body Stench from a Meat Eating American.
Are we there yet?