Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Toxic Relationships with Sewing Machines

There is a reason some people give their sewing machines girl names. It is due to PMS, Pesky Mending Syndrome.

My machine doesn't have a name, but I have called her lots of things. This is machine #2, definitely an improvement over #1, but that's not saying much. I bought both of them on Craigslist, which is great for many things, but apparently not for buying sewing machines. Ernst told me to take my time, but I just had to start sewing. They acted all nice and sweet during the sale, and then turned into evil brats.

I don't mean to make light of abusive relationships here, but there are some similarities when one hates one's machine:

I wonder, if I were a better seamstress would this be happening?

Why didn't I see the signs before I committed to this relationship? No, I had to look for fancy stitches, I couldn't just be content with a nice simple workhorse with metal gearing. Did I really think plastic parts would get through 4 layers of denim?

Why did I have to buy the first machine I saw? Why, oh why did I not wait for a nice Pfaff or a Janome to come along? And then to make the same mistake twice? Learn from me girls, that is all I can say.

My mother had a good relationship with her machine, so this can't be something from my childhood.

Am I too far along to quit, or is there some counseling available to make this work? Would a clean break be good, or should I stay with what I know?

How is it that my friends love their machines, what is wrong with me?

Will I ever be happy?

Would I be better off without her?

Is "sewicide" a capital offense? Could I claim self-defense?

Oh, but there have been some good times. There was that one baby quilt that went together so easily. Maybe it is me. Maybe I'm the problem. If I used better thread, not thrift store fabric...Who knows, maybe a nice machine wouldn't even want ME.

I'm ready to give it another shot, things will change, it will get better....

My first quilt - good times - how naive I was