Monday, April 18, 2011

Unemployment - Such Hard Work!

It has been five long months since I lost the perfect job. Perfect schedule, great people, interesting work and all of that 3 miles from our house. I know the job market is in the pits right now, and Sacramento's job market is in the toilet, but I thought that I would have AT LEAST GOT ONE RESPONSE FROM CRAIGSLIST BY NOW. Sorry for shouting, just had to get that out.
This is the first time in my life I have received unemployment. It is wonderful, but it won't last forever. I've had some temp jobs, the State Bar Exam and a few proctoring jobs at Sac State. That will help stretch my benefits out a bit, but this is getting a bit annoying.
I was thinking the other night about my dream job, or a list of dream jobs, and here is what I came up with:

I'm still thinking.

No wonder I can't find a job. I guess something that would involve:

Children but no parents
Quilt making but no sewing
Dogs but no cats (allergic)
Medical but no blood
Food but no mess
Writing but no criticism
Travel but no travelers

Wow, I am so picky. Whatever will I do?

Until I land that dream job (Reality for now: good pay, people or hours, pick one) I am doing all I can to save money. Planning the veggie garden, planning some more quilts to make. No more justifying the convenience foods at Trader Joe's. It is beans in the crock pot and a big pot of rice, dinner again! And I hang out the laundry. Our neighbor called me a Quaker, but I think he meant Amish. My mom always hung out our laundry, even after we moved to the nicer neighborhood and no one else did it. She liked the way it made the clothes smell. I like the way it keeps the bills down, plus it makes me feel so smugly earth friendly. Of course, Ernst's shirts and pants go in the perm press cycle, ironing is against my religion. Even the unemployed can have principles.